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Should you have your cleaning company take care of your fine china or curio cabinet collectables?

Although there isn’t any request an experienced cleaning company couldn’t handle, the answer to this often asked question may still be no. If your cleaning company does do it, a high price is usually charged in order to ensure enough time is scheduled for such tedious jobs.

No matter what price tag is attached to some items they almost always have a priceless sentimental value. Leaving it up to your cleaner to decide which pieces are too valuable for them to handle is not the best idea. We take great care in all household decorations and only on request from a homeowner (with a consultation) do we clean inside any display cabinets. I usually recommend leaving great grandma’s hand painted tea set for the homeowner to take care of while we focus on maintaining other aspects of the home.

For most other crystal, porcelain or glass items not behind a case we usually feather dust on a regular basis and take extra caution when handling them to clean more extensively. When an item gets to the point of needing more than just feather dusting a suggestion that I give homeowners is using their dishwasher. Several new models have a “fine china” or crystal setting that works great to get the job done quickly. Even a dishwasher without a special setting can be used on a short wash cycle and brings great results with less time spent handling each and every plate or figurine.

A dishwasher is a very efficient way to clean several other household items such as grates & drip pans for stovetops, toothbrush holders (even toothbrushes), trash can lids & small waste containers themselves, children’s toys. Even silk plants when changing out arrangements turn out well when washed in a dishwasher, throw them in and get something else done!