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Want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible?

clean kitchenIn most homes the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in it and keeping it clean can seem almost impossible. A suggestion that I make when asked how to keep it cleaner longer is to do more cooking at one time. When creating meal plans choose ones that have similar ingredients that can be cooked then divided. Planning tacos and spaghetti with meat sauce one week? Cook all the meat at the same time, divide and season separately. Prep vegetables ahead of time by peeling & cutting using the same utensils & cutting board then store in the fridge until you’re ready to use. After the chopping & slicing of your vegetables use the same cutting board & knives for the chicken or meat and you’re ahead for the next day. When most kitchens have a stove top, microwave, oven (some with 2) there’s always down time while waiting on cook times, stirring, etc. so maximize the other appliances & cookware at the same time and you’ll find you’ll be in the kitchen less often. The result is a bigger mess but it’s cleaned up all at once. Just prepping a few ingredients for future meals while working on the meal of the day can cut down on time, cookware and mess; all of which will leave you with a cleaner kitchen longer. Start with meal planning for just one week and a new routine is easy to establish!