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Summer Chores for Kids!

Summertime Chores:

Summer is here, and with that means the kiddos are out of school and ready to enjoy their summer break. Although their school routine may be on hold for a few months, that doesn’t mean that their daily chores should be put on hold too.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your kiddos active in the household routine – Age Appropriate Chores

Hat and Index Cards: Take some index cards and write various chores on each one. Ex: “Fold Laundry”, “Load Dishwasher”, etc. Put them all inside a hat (or container of your choice). When it’s time for the kiddo’s chores, have them close their eyes and pick one. If the chore has already been done, then simply have them choose again. This is a fun way of having your children involved in their chores.

Age Appropriate Lists: A good list can never go out of fashion! Here is a list of Age Appropriate Chores based on your childs age. You can always add your own creative chores to the list. If you have more than one child, you can create their own list for them to look off of.