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CAA has the trusted service you need to make the holidays great!

“Is your house ready for the holidays? This is the time of year when you look around your house and think…. do I want my family and friends to see it looking this way? How can you even begin to think about planning the perfect party when the list of chores is longer than the guest list! How do you fit it all in?

I don’t know about you but when I start reading blogs online with all kinds of suggestions about step by step ways to organize & clean it just adds more stress because I know I don’t have that kind of structured time in my busy world! I think to myself whoever had the time to even write a blog about cleaning must not have children, pets or a husband to prioritize her time! So here’s the most simple way to a picture perfect house…

Call for help! Let CAA Cleaning handle all your cleaning needs thru the holidays! Schedule with us prior to any decorating or after you have the party dates set! Just a one time clean can keep things in order till after the holidays or schedule on a regular basis so you can just enjoy the shopping, baking and entertaining all thru the season without thinking about cleaning at all!

Need help setting up or cleaning up after entertaining? We can help with things such as place settings, decorating, or any other hospitality preparation for a perfect holiday gathering. We have an extensive network of local companies such as catering, tables & chairs and even fine china rentals! We can take care of all the take down & clean up after your event as well.

CAA has the trusted service you need to make the holidays great!”