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It’s April Already!

Spring is officially here!  Yards are being trimmed and pretty plants are going in the garden. Who wants to be inside with the beautiful weather outside? Meanwhile, the inside of your home has a long list of to do’s as well. That’s why April is the most popular time for Spring House Cleaning!

A once or twice a year deep cleaning is a lot different than regular day to day cleaning. Many tasks, such as the inside of your refrigerator, oven or windows won’t have to be done again for a long time. It’s easy to see all the tasks to keep your home in tip top shape but to find the time to do them all is always a challenge.

Scheduling a one time deep cleaning of your home with a professional company can the knock out the all the winter muck and get everything caught back up making it easier to maintain on your own once again.it's spring!
Already a CAA Cleaning Client? We can take care of all your spring cleaning tasks on a scheduled cleaning day!

Did you know we can help with more than just the inside of your house?  This is the most popular time of year for patios, outdoor furniture to be free of pollen and of course windows! We can take care of the interior & exterior of windows on most properties, some exclusions apply.

Whatever your “extra” cleaning needs are this spring, CAA Cleaning is here to help!

CAA Cleaning is also highly experienced with getting your home ready to sell. The market is hot and homes are going fast! Consider using us for your move in or move out clean…or both!

CAA has the trusted service you need to make the holidays great!

“Is your house ready for the holidays? This is the time of year when you look around your house and think…. do I want my family and friends to see it looking this way? How can you even begin to think about planning the perfect party when the list of chores is longer than the guest list! How do you fit it all in?

I don’t know about you but when I start reading blogs online with all kinds of suggestions about step by step ways to organize & clean it just adds more stress because I know I don’t have that kind of structured time in my busy world! I think to myself whoever had the time to even write a blog about cleaning must not have children, pets or a husband to prioritize her time! So here’s the most simple way to a picture perfect house…

Call for help! Let CAA Cleaning handle all your cleaning needs thru the holidays! Schedule with us prior to any decorating or after you have the party dates set! Just a one time clean can keep things in order till after the holidays or schedule on a regular basis so you can just enjoy the shopping, baking and entertaining all thru the season without thinking about cleaning at all!

Need help setting up or cleaning up after entertaining? We can help with things such as place settings, decorating, or any other hospitality preparation for a perfect holiday gathering. We have an extensive network of local companies such as catering, tables & chairs and even fine china rentals! We can take care of all the take down & clean up after your event as well.

CAA has the trusted service you need to make the holidays great!”

Summer Chores for Kids!

Summertime Chores:

Summer is here, and with that means the kiddos are out of school and ready to enjoy their summer break. Although their school routine may be on hold for a few months, that doesn’t mean that their daily chores should be put on hold too.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your kiddos active in the household routine – Age Appropriate Chores

Hat and Index Cards: Take some index cards and write various chores on each one. Ex: “Fold Laundry”, “Load Dishwasher”, etc. Put them all inside a hat (or container of your choice). When it’s time for the kiddo’s chores, have them close their eyes and pick one. If the chore has already been done, then simply have them choose again. This is a fun way of having your children involved in their chores.

Age Appropriate Lists: A good list can never go out of fashion! Here is a list of Age Appropriate Chores based on your childs age. You can always add your own creative chores to the list. If you have more than one child, you can create their own list for them to look off of.

Summer is Almost Here!

Non existing clients/New prospects-

Interested in getting your house in shape before the kids are out of school? Do you have lots of summer plans? Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on all the year end events with school and enjoy planning a vacation to actually relax on without worrying about keeping up the house too? Let us take a load off your plate…schedule 4 cleanings before May 31st and get the 4th one 1/2 off. Then sit back and enjoy!

Current clients-

Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready to enjoy it? We appreciate being able to provide a consistent service that helps you enjoy all that this time of year brings. We do our best to accommodate schedule changes however the sooner we know in advance the better we can provide options to keep a consistent schedule for you. If you know you have a vacation or event planned even 6 months in advance let us know if you need a different cleaning day! We can also coordinate pet sitting or other small tasks such as watering plants that keeping us on schedule even while your gone can be extra beneficial. Peace of mind while your gone!

Cleaning Tip-

A good habit to actually accomplishing a cleaning task is to STOP multi tasking. Too many times I hear of clients not being able to finish cleaning because they got side tracked with laundry or cleaning out a closet which then they ran out of time for the actual cleaning they wanted to get to. A great rule of thumb is to get all the picking up and putting away of things the night before. If you do it too soon in advance it’s just going to be taken out or accumulated again. Establish the habit of only picking up, then no picking up while cleaning. Laundry often stops at folding & putting away if you start a cleaning task while waiting for the machines to finish. Who remembers the Fly Lady? If she herself wasn’t ADHD then I think her thought process created alot of ADHD housekeepers! By going from room to room and starting several tasks at once will eventually get things done but if you don’t have time to finish all of them you just created several unfinished projects and accomplished nothing. Have things straight & orderly before any cleaning and focus just on cleaning. Have your supplies ready to go and don’t stop till it’s finished!

Don’t Forget-

Love this time of year with being able to open some windows for fresh air? With just a small window of opportunity before it gets hot who can resist! How dirty are your window tracks or screens? If it’s been a while then along with the sweet spring air you’re also blowing in dirt & allergens that have accumulated along the window. Consider having us do a quick clean up of the tracks or we can help with the screens as well! Need a full window clean…we’ve got that covered also! CAA Cleaning is a full service cleaning company that does it all!

Want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible?

clean kitchenIn most homes the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in it and keeping it clean can seem almost impossible. A suggestion that I make when asked how to keep it cleaner longer is to do more cooking at one time. When creating meal plans choose ones that have similar ingredients that can be cooked then divided. Planning tacos and spaghetti with meat sauce one week? Cook all the meat at the same time, divide and season separately. Prep vegetables ahead of time by peeling & cutting using the same utensils & cutting board then store in the fridge until you’re ready to use. After the chopping & slicing of your vegetables use the same cutting board & knives for the chicken or meat and you’re ahead for the next day. When most kitchens have a stove top, microwave, oven (some with 2) there’s always down time while waiting on cook times, stirring, etc. so maximize the other appliances & cookware at the same time and you’ll find you’ll be in the kitchen less often. The result is a bigger mess but it’s cleaned up all at once. Just prepping a few ingredients for future meals while working on the meal of the day can cut down on time, cookware and mess; all of which will leave you with a cleaner kitchen longer. Start with meal planning for just one week and a new routine is easy to establish!

We love pets!

A concerned homeowner had been struggling to hire a cleaning company due to her dog who created problems for most strangers who entered her home. She had an individual cleaning for several years who knew her beloved pet well but she didn’t provide enough consistency with the cleaning. So while wanting to find a balance between having her house cleaned on a regular basis and a company that kept consistent employees returning to the same clients she chose CAA Cleaning with much doubt her dog wouldn’t allow that to happen. With a few treats and the same familiar faces returning each week her dog began to eagerly greet us and she has been a client for almost 2 years.

Should you have your cleaning company take care of your fine china or curio cabinet collectables?

Although there isn’t any request an experienced cleaning company couldn’t handle, the answer to this often asked question may still be no. If your cleaning company does do it, a high price is usually charged in order to ensure enough time is scheduled for such tedious jobs.

No matter what price tag is attached to some items they almost always have a priceless sentimental value. Leaving it up to your cleaner to decide which pieces are too valuable for them to handle is not the best idea. We take great care in all household decorations and only on request from a homeowner (with a consultation) do we clean inside any display cabinets. I usually recommend leaving great grandma’s hand painted tea set for the homeowner to take care of while we focus on maintaining other aspects of the home.

For most other crystal, porcelain or glass items not behind a case we usually feather dust on a regular basis and take extra caution when handling them to clean more extensively. When an item gets to the point of needing more than just feather dusting a suggestion that I give homeowners is using their dishwasher. Several new models have a “fine china” or crystal setting that works great to get the job done quickly. Even a dishwasher without a special setting can be used on a short wash cycle and brings great results with less time spent handling each and every plate or figurine.

A dishwasher is a very efficient way to clean several other household items such as grates & drip pans for stovetops, toothbrush holders (even toothbrushes), trash can lids & small waste containers themselves, children’s toys. Even silk plants when changing out arrangements turn out well when washed in a dishwasher, throw them in and get something else done!